Unforgettable &
unobstructed views

to perfection

Crafted to retain
natural beauty


Invite beauty inside

A Glass Forest is created using proprietary engineering technology. Massive architectural, insulated glass panels are stabilized then merged with towering, cedar trees to blur the line between nature and your great room.

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Trimless log cabin window invites beauty

Customized to Fit

We partner with AGNORA, a world-renowned supplier of architectural glass that is not only superior in clarity, strength, and thermal resistance, but which can be sized beyond convention and custom-fabricated to fit each home’s requirements.

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Custom fitted log window

Hand-stripped cedar trees

Each sustainably harvested cedar tree is painstakingly handcrafted. To preserve the unique characteristics of the wood we use a refined process to slowly and carefully strip the bark from the tree, perserving its organic texture.

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Hand-stripped cedar log window

Perfectly Sealed

Our engineered window/wall system minimizes maintenance. The Western Red Cedar trees are thoughtfully selected and oriented for each location in your home, and the system is assembled and glazed on site to a weathertight installation. Free from water or insect penetration and can even withstand hurricane-force winds.

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Weather sealed trimless log window

You asked for a view. Glass Forest delivers.

Provide family and friends with an unforgettable experience.

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