Over the past 40 years of designing and building for clients from Japan to Alaska, to Telluride, and seaside in Florida, I have seen many challenges and always chose to view them as opportunities. Some of these challenges took shape in my mind when listening to my clients requests for something rare... something that you don’t see anywhere else. The resulting systems met those challenges and more. We perfected Schafer System’s with each new Edgewood project until I was confident that they were ready to be shared. Previously only available in an Edgewood home, I now offer the four, most impactful of these building systems in a factory-direct environment through Big Cabin Log & Timber.

A few of the 800+ Projects
completed in the U.S. and japan

Lake Tahoe
Park City
Coeur d' Alene
Salt Lake City
Sun Valley

Brian Schafer

Founder and CEO

All of the experiences throughout my 40-year career, whether positive or negative, have allowed me to arrive where I am now. I founded Big Cabin on the principals of innovation, challenging the status quo and striving to produce the absolute best architectural solutions. Crafting extraordinary homes is a passion we will continue for decades to come.

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Brian Schafer

Milan Brodina

Project Management
Lead Designer & CAD Technician

When I graduated with a Master Degree in Wood Engineering I made a life-changing decision to travel all the way to the United States and apprentice with Brian Schafer of Edgewood Log Homes. The passion I have for log and timber home construction grew deeply over my two-year internship with Edgewood.

Learning the complexities of roofing design and construction was incredibly intensive and the time I spent working side-by-side with Brian Schafer, invaluable to my career.

The opportunity to work with the log building luminaries Graeme D. Mould and Robert Chambers of Natural Log Homes greatly impacted my skill levels and experience.

When Natural Log Homes began generating more sales and increased their production in the international, log home market I was promoted to Production and Project Manager.

Responsibilities included overseeing day-to-day operations at the log building yard, meeting and liaising with clients, product & material development, and consulting with key architects and engineers.

I stayed in touch with Brian over the years and always remembered what he had shared with me.

Aging log crafters would make great log home CAD drafters Brian would say, and so with no formal schooling in architecture I set out to teach myself everything I could learn about CAD.

Milan Brodina

Max Krieger

Production Foreman

39 years ago I began working with Brian at Log Home Logs before it was Edgewood. Over the years I have been trusted to work in every operational and production position Edgewood offers, spanning operations to quality control. By way of example, over 50 different homes to Japan and twelve 10,000 SF full log buildings for a project at 11,000’ elevation in Telluride, CO, all crafted and shipped under my watch and all with no call backs, that makes me proud….. not just of myself but of my staff.

Living in rural Idaho and having been fortunate enough to do what I love over these many years is truly a gift.

I am an avid hunter and fisherman and actively share my outdoor lifestyle with my my friends and family members. I am passionate about passing on my many years of knowledge and appreciation of the wild to future generations.


Heath Warnock

Hey there! I'm Heath Warnock, an OG of the miraculous state of Idaho. With a deep passion for design and the great outdoors, I thrive on turning dreams into reality for our past, current, and future clients. Having traveled across the US, I've gathered a wealth of experiences and inspiration. When I'm not creating amazing spaces, you'll find me skiing down snowy slopes, casting a line fly fishing, or hitting the trails on my mountain bike. Let's make something amazing together!

Heath Warnock

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