Log Cabin Roof Insulation

A cathedral roof system that outperforms all mainstream alternatives

“The way cathedral roof systems should be built”

- Tom Gorman, University of Idaho, Dean of Forestry Emeritus

Incredible structural

to install

No thermal breaks
in insulation

Class A rating against
wildland fires

Super structure, superior strength

The backbone of the Thermal Blanket is a massive network of hand-crafted beams and trusses, carrying the Bison Board™ roof decking and 12 inches of foam insulation. This revolutionary system virtually eliminates ice damming and all thermal breaks, significantly reducing the homeowner’s heating and cooling expense, while naturally resisting wildfires.

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Super Structure Log Roof

Beauty & Brawn

Our signature 3×10 Bison Board™ planks come in a variety of unique exclusive textures and finishes to compliment any project. These robust timbers provide a stable foundation for the insulation blanket, support the heaviest of snow loads and offers a one-of-a-kind, elegant ceiling appearance.

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Bison Board Finishes

Massive & full length

Western Red Cedar Fascia pieces are pre-cut up to 45 feet in length eliminating splices. Dried, then crafted to match SchaferWood’s textures and colors.

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Full length fascia

Eliminate Cold Spots

Our expanded polystyrene roof panels are installed all the way to the fascia line. Even in the most extreme mountain climates, your roof maintains its R-value permanently with zero thermal breaks or uninsulated space for optimum thermal performance. Free from formaldehydes and dyes.

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Expanded closed-cell foam log cabin roofconstant r-value smoke and fire retardant, resists mold

A roof that outperforms all mainstream roofs,
and looks a heck of a lot better too.

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