The relatively recent use of old salvaged wood for new sophisticated design projects has led to the destruction of countless old barns, warehouses, etc. Conversely, many startup companies are acquiring newly sawn narrow lumber from high production saw mills and applying their own distressing techniques to this new green lumber with varying levels of success. Each of the two methods have their inherent constraints and deficiencies.

• True reclaimed lumber is a finite resource and leads to the destruction of many perfectly sound and/or historic structures.
• New lumber is cut from live trees possessing high moisture content and is therefore prone to shrinkage and movement in your home.
• Both these approaches limit your architect’s design range since you’re forced to use materials that are narrower, thinner, shorter, and otherwise do not fit your project, creating waste and ultimately not the look and texture you want.
• True reclaimed materials inherently have a much higher waste/cost factor.
• Both business models are staffed with nice folks that are, however, only focused on their product not your project.

As a sister company of the most widely respected and award-winning Master Design/Build Log Home company in America, BCL&T drew on its 35 year successful history in high end custom log home design and construction management to create a product line that is historically accurate, timeless, unique in texture, and yet generally half the cost of reclaimed.

• We source and cut our logs at our own saw mill from sustainable forests of standing dead trees resulting in materials that are thicker, wider, and made with a higher grade of wood.
• Custom kiln dried to 12% moisture content.
• Proprietary texturing process using multiple machine and hand techniques results in a truly organic and timeless look.
• As architects and builders, we design, produce, and deliver products that are thoughtfully crafted and packaged for ease of installation and are absolutely one of a kind.