Beautiful, authentic and efficient cathedral roof systems using oversized timber planks that contribute massive structural integrity to the roof of your home.  

Harriman, Roof

Originally developed by Brian in 1996, the Thermal Blanket Roof System® reduces the installation phases of a mainstream cathedral ceiling from five to three steps, while eliminating all thermal breaks in the insulation and providing a Class A fire rating against wildland fires. Refined to minimal materials, this system consists of massive 3×10 Bison Board™ planks supported by a log or timber superstructure. These beautiful planks serve not only as the structural support for insulation panels but as an incredibly elegant ceiling finish inside the home. Full-thickness finished cedar fascia is included to span non-traditional lengths to eliminate unsightly butt joints.

How It Works

Once your order is placed our experienced designers and engineers become yours. Using your plans and your ideas, our staff works closely to integrate your design and the signature Thermal Blanket® system. After approved engineered drawings are received the production can begin. The Big Cabin artisans begin the handcrafting of the log/timber superstructure, and production of the Bison Board™ and cedar fascia components. The materials necessary for installation are specifically crated, loaded and shipped directly to your site. Detailed drawings of the proper placement of materials are included with each installation.