An organic Japanese inspired technique of preserving and antiquing wood is utilized on log and timbers which results in a breathtakingly reclaimed, textured wood finish.

The SchaferWood™ System is a proprietary process consisting of heavy double brushing, heat treating, and finish coloring your wood to create a deep antique look like nothing else you have seen. Each piece takes on a golden-brown hue with darker, aged areas around knots and surface checking. This unique system produces log/timber/specialty lumber packages with a timeless look that lasts for decades. Staining options utilize organic oil-based stains for exterior use. Interior applications receive a non-toxic application from our coloring partner CDA Woods using their patented method of naturally treating wood. This spectacular coloring process is a non-VOC and completely organic process safe for interior use.

How It Works

Once your order is placed, our experienced designers and engineers become yours. Using your plans and your ideas, our staff works closely with you to integrate our deep texture and color options with your custom designs. After approving your textures, colors, and samples, the production begins on your custom wood package at our sawmilling facility. Owning our production facility allows us to offer special opportunities to customize your materials package using the entire tree, not just the lumber from the sides. The materials are thoughtfully crated to maximize efficiency on delivery, loaded and shipped directly to your site, on time and on budget.