Handcrafted log walls are panelized, kiln dried and compressed to eliminate settling issues at your geographic location. Stain and chink are added along with windows and doors which are pre-installed and trimmed. The complete wall is then shipped directly to your location for a wall structure constructed in days, not months.

SchaferWall System

Serving as the first significant innovation in the log building industry in the last 40 years, SchaferWall takes your building capabilities to a new level. Log settling is eliminated with this prebuilt, kiln-dried fully finished wall system. Installed at a fixed price, SchaferWall is guaranteed not to settle and includes beautiful wood windows and doors, chinking and elegant stain for a one-of-a-kind authentic log look. As an added bonus, SchaferWalls install 75% faster than mainstream on-site log wall products.

How It Works

Once your order is placed, our experienced designers and engineers become yours. Using your plans and your ideas, our staff works closely to integrate your design with the signature SchaferWall® element. After approved engineered drawings are received, the SchaferWall® can begin production. The Big Cabin craftsmen begin handcrafting your log walls into a paneled system, which is kiln-dried as heavy weights are applied to the top of each panel to match the specific snow load and ambient relative humidity of your geographic location. The process is constantly monitored to provide certification that meets, or exceeds, USDA standards for structural wood heat treatment. Once cured, panels are fitted with your wood windows and doors before electrical chasing and interior wall cuts begin. In a final step before being loaded onto specialized equipment for transport, the panel system is stained and chinked in colors approved by you. The materials necessary for installation are specifically crated, loaded and shipped directly to your site with the log walls. Big Cabin’s experts will assemble the panel systems in a matter of days on your site. Installation times vary by project.