Architectural floor-to-ceiling glass walls seamlessly integrated into fluted cedar trees obscure the line between your living room and the view outside. It is like nothing you’ve seen before.

Big Cabin Log and Timber's Glass Forest system

Initially conceptualized during Brian’s Japanese building experiences in the early 1990s, he designed and installed the first Glass Forest® in a beautiful log home in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho in 1997. Subsequently, the home was published in a national magazine and the Glass Forest® element proceeded to achieve fanfare in unprecedented amounts. With over thirty Glass Forests® in existence, the process has been refined and has evolved to entire homes of glass walls and trees. This sophisticated system can even withstand hurricane-force winds. Our exclusive relationship with AGNORA glass in Canada allows Big Cabin Log and Timber to provide this one-of-a-kind architectural design element in panel sizes that are beyond conventional imagination.

How It Works

Once your order is placed our experienced designers and engineers become yours. Using your plans and your ideas, our staff works closely to integrate your design with the signature Glass Forest® element. After approved engineered drawings are received the Glass Forest® can begin production. Through an exclusive relationship with AGNORA, fabricators of architectural glass, your glass panels will be customized to fit your home’s requirements. Simultaneously the Big Cabin craftsmen begin the handcrafting of the natural fluted cedar trees that will eventually receive your massive glass panels. A proprietary system of glazing materials is assembled and combined with your cedar trees and shipped to your site in specially designed crates. The glass panels and trees are received on-site, by BC’s crew and unloaded, assembled and glazed to weathertight installation. Installation times vary by project.