You have assembled a super team to work through initial project concepts, land entitlements, budgets, and sales expectations. Your project is ready to “get busy” and yet you wish you could find something more unique and forward-thinking to set your development apart from the rest in your market. How about a floor-to-ceiling wall of structural/architectural glass disappearing into hand stripped cedar trees or a log home package that affords your buyers the only log home with a written guarantee not to settle and certified insect/larvae/mold/mildew free? How about a massive roof building system that is 40% more energy-efficient, never loses R-value, carries a Class A fire rating, eliminates problematic ice damming, is faster to install, and will set your project apart?  We have successfully completed many large commercial projects working in a true team environment. Our staff has many years of field installation experience providing them a foundation from which to answer any questions promptly and help guide you and your staff on design, materials, and construction decisions. We are often referred to as the key player in the team as it relates to the project’s success. You can see this in our testimonials. Let us help you and your project be a unique success and an inspiration to your buyers.