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At Big Cabin Log and Timber we make your build projects simple. Check out our uniquely textured site specific materials packages at half the cost of reclaimed wood.

Glass Forest

Perhaps more than any other element of an Edgewood log home, the Glass Forest window system stands out for its unique beauty and rugged “outdoors inside” style. When complete, this window system conveys the dramatic appearance of a live, majestic tree growing within soaring, trim-less glass window panels.


Our innovative pre-compression construction process frees architects and designers from building restrictions, eliminates settling, and allows for the creation of the spectacular, fully log-constructed architectural designs for which we are best known.

Thermal Blanket Roof System

For years, “cold roof” construction has been the established way to deal with the problem of ice damming on homes built in cold weather climates. Our ingenious Thermal Blanket™ Roof Framing System prevents ice damming, reduces thermal heat loss, and maintains its thermal “R” value forever.


An organic Japanese inspired technique of preserving and antiquing log and timbers which results in a breathtakingly reclaimed, textured wood finish.

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Brian Schafer-Vinson

Brian Schafer-Vinson


Log and timber expert. Enjoys traveling, Corona and sandy beaches.

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David Pierce

Second in Command

In house operations.

Elaine Price

Elaine Price

Office Head

Main office guru, handling daily tasks like a pro.

Brian Smith

Brian Smith


Specifically here to work your order from start to finish.

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